Pay Per Click Marketing: 4 Reasons Every PPC Campaign Needs Long Tail Keywords

By | September 30, 2009

If you are not using long-tail keywords in your pay per click campaigns, you could be missing out on huge profits. Following is why.

PPC Marketing and the Way Web Surfers Search
The web is growing by 100,000 new websites per day, according to some internet marketing experts. Why is this important? Quite simply, gone are the days where you can optimize your site or PPC ads using a few strong keywords and show up in results. With an ever-crowded market place, you have to drill down further.

And, this is where the long tail keyword comes into play. For those who don’t know, long tail keywords are simply multi-phrase search queries web surfers type in to find stuff. Usually, these phrases contain three or four words, but they could be longer.

1.) Higher Conversions: The more info a surfer types in when they are searching for things on the web, the more serious they tend to be about buying.
For example, consider the following long-tail keyword phrases: A womens one piece swimsuit and a womens one piece swimsuit size 10. Both of these appear to be pretty serious buyers, but the woman who puts in her size is looking for something specific. Shes more than likely ready to buy if she can find a one-piece swimsuit in her size.

2.) More Visitors: Long tail keywords will bring more traffic to your site. Everybody optimizes their pages and their ads for the most popular keywords in their niche. This is to be expected. But, when you optimize your web pages and ads using long tail keywords, what you wind up with is a lot more pages that are being indexed and ranking for targeted phrases related to your niche. If you use different long tail keywords in various pay per click marketing campaigns, you can really increase your traffic and your sales.

3.) Higher SERP Ranking: Piggybacking on the last point, because much of the competition ignores long tail keywords, it makes it much easier to rank higher in search engines. Of course, this means more visibility, which means more traffic, which leads to more sales.

4.) Cheaper: You’ll likely spend less on long tail keywords because the competition ignores them. This means the cost of your PPC campaigns can be less, while actually bringing in more traffic.

The Bottom Line on Long Tail Keywords and Pay Per Click Marketing: Long tail keywords are hard workers. They bring in more traffic; they bring in targeted traffic; and they increase your sites visibility, everything you want a keyword to do.