Optimization Is More Than Keywords And Links

By | September 24, 2009

Sometimes a website needs a little more than implementation of keyword magic and linky goodness. If you have an older website and you’ve seen rankings fall then it might be time to upgrade your CMS, shopping cart system, or even your photos and graphics.

Yes, your website elements can get old and wrinkled. It happens.

What happens is that shopping cart system and checkout that was cutting-edge technology in 1999 got old. Your competition has updated their websites and they’re using the latest technology. Site visitors know this because it’s in the website’s look and feel. Your site visitors are migrating over to the competition and the reason is because they can get a better user experience. Price be danged.

Since Google measures bounce rates and traffic patterns and ranks websites based on those, your site architecture and shopping cart of hurting your business. It might just be a few visitors per day, but over time that adds up. And while your site is slowly in decline your competition is slowly climbing.

Trust me, this didn’t happen over night. It seems like it, but the problem has been manifesting itself slowly over time. And now it’s picking up speed. What do you do?

You fix the problem. Upgrade your systems. You have to do that from time to time. And if that doesn’t fix the problem then you can try some link building and content optimization. But get rid of the relics first.