Is SEO Enough? No Its All About Action!

By | October 3, 2009

by Nick Stamoulis, Brick Marketing

You know you’ve done a good job with the on site search engine optimization for your website. You’ve got your keywords scattered throughout your content – but not too much. It isn’t stuffed. You’ve got inbound anchor text from internal pages and from external pages. You’ve got meta tags. You have gone through a lot of trouble making sure each page is optimized to the hilt. But is that enough?

Well, let’s just assume that you have SEOd your website so well that you have 10 No. 1 rankings – all very important keywords for your niche. Just having a No. 1 listing isn’t enough to ensure that you will see click throughs. And once you get people to your site there is no guarantee that they will buy anything. What else do you need?

To get people to click on your No. 1 search engine listings, your title and your description must be well written, well optimized, and sell the benefits. The idea is to get people to your site. That’s all those two elements in the SERP are supposed to do.

Once on your site, the reader must feel a connection. You’ve got to establish rapport and you’ve got to do it quickly. Your headline has to reach out and grab the reader. The first paragraph – nay, the first sentence – of your content must grab their attention. If it doesn’t, they’re gone.

Keywords are nice. You need them. They serve a good purpose. But keywords by themselves aren’t going to do the trick. You have to charge your content with emotional triggers – words that get people to take action. If you can’t do that, hire someone who can.