How to Draw Clients to Your Blog or Website

By | October 4, 2009

At present, most real estate agents have their own website and blog with which to connect to clients or potential clients online. There is, however, a huge discrepancy in the quality of realtor websites and blogs in regard to how pleasant they are to use.

The number one rule about having a blog or website or any kind is do not, under any circumstances, have music on it that plays automatically. Many people listen to music on their computer while they’re looking at websites; opening up a site that has music playing by default can just about give you a heart attack especially if it’s louder than whatever else you’re listening to. Likewise, the sound of birds chirping or water fountains or what have you are also verboten; many people will just leave a website immediately if there’s music that they can’t turn off on the page.

When considering what your site looks like, your website or blog should have eye-pleasing color combinations which make it pleasant to look at and easy to read. The color palette that you use can be striking or soothing but it shouldn’t give you an insta-headache. Don’t put blinky flashing graphics on your page, even if you’re trying to sell things. It always looks cheap and cheesy.

And to further the readability of your website or blog there are a few tips that can really help. The first is to spell check everything before you post it. Sure, spell check isn’t the pinnacle of spelling perfection, but it can help you detect typos and basic structure issues. Don’t write blog posts or listings in all capital letters; web etiquette dictates that the dreaded “all caps” is akin to shouting in text and terribly rude.

For me however, there is no bigger annoyance in the realm of basic readability than a web author writing on their own page in the third person about themselves; referring to yourself in the third person makes you sound like Tarzan.

Another big issue with weblogging is making your blog interesting. Many realtor blogs are full of nothing more than marketing graphs and numbers. While that might be useful information, no one wants to read a blog full of that. While you might be tempted to fill your blog full of breaking news about the world of housing, make sure that you understand whatever your topic is before you publish. That isn’t to say that you should only post about what you already know, just that you should do enough research to have all the facts.

Don’t fill your real estate blog full of listings. Ideally, a realtor blog should be connected to your website that will contain your listings; keep your blog for interesting reading so that it doesn’t become redundant.

The last tip for keeping your blog interesting and enjoyable for your clients is to post on it regularly. Anyone who reads a blog will quickly cease if every time they come back to it it’s not updated. Update your blog at minimum once a week to keep it fresh.

If you keep your website and blog pleasing to the eye and easy to read you’re sure to find that you cultivate regular readers and referrals with just a little effort. Starting out right is always a good bet for success!