ABC of SEO for amateurs

By | March 7, 2010
Posted on February 19, 2010, 11:28 pm, by kusum, under Knowledge Bank.

Anyone who owns a website would want to get his website among the top results on various search engines. With more and more websites thronging up every moment, it’s getting really tough to manage staying on the top list of the search engines. But by following some simple techniques you can get your website to the top list with in pretty easily – sometimes even in  a matter of days! Seems vague? Read on to know how you could do it!

  • Determine the keyword for which you want your site to rank high for. Often there is a tough competition for keywords/phrase that can be termed as “common”. So you have to choose the phrase which is in demand but with less competition. It is always better to select specific words as keywords in place of general words. For example, if you are talking about parenting be specific like “parenting teenagers” or “parental infants”.
  • Get effective back links: Write a few articles which are related to your site and submit them to different article directories and leave a link to your site in the block available at the bottom. When your article is accepted by those directories, you get an effective back link to your site. The articles which you write must be related to the keywords which you want your site to rank in the top list.
  • Active participation in forums: Actively participate in the forums which are related to your keywords and the site. Along with giving comments and leads in those forums you can leave a link to your site.The more active the forum is ,the more possibility of your site to reach the top list.
  • Social bookmarking: Social bookmark sites are all the rage and while with most of them the links do not count because they are a no-follow, there are several sites that a link from does count. Some of the sites which are good enough are Linkedin, facebook, Digg, delicious, reditt and stumbleupon.
    Social Bookmarking websites increase your chances of ranking high  on search enginesSocial Bookmarking websites increase your chances of ranking high on search engines

  • Exchange links with a website with a PageRank of 7 or more: Find a website which is related to your site or keyword and try to exchange links with the site. This will help you get to the top list of search engines.
  • Avoid using the Google Submission form: Even though the google says you can submit your website or the page you want to be indexed to their site directly, never do this as it will often take more time before your site is indexed. The same is the case with other search engines submission forms. So avoid using this process.